Do you know who you are?

He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.

Lao Tzu


As every year is passing by; career in Graphic Design is becoming even more challenging but at the same time interesting. Like never before we designers are forced to think about what is it that we really want to do. UI or UX , Illustrator or designer or something else. Unless you have a real interest in the field you are working you will see that the chances of success are pretty low. And the same applies for the fact that if you know and love what you really do chances of success are higher. The good news is that with all the techno innovations happening around us, the possibilities for those with expertise in a niche domain are available easily. But for those who are here without any interest, the future looks tough.

As intriguing as it sounds, it will require some inward thinking to find out what you want to do or who you really are? The first time you ask this question to yourself you realise that there are a lot of areas that you think you love and are passionate about. But, if you start working on them, you will see that slowly the non-you parts will start falling apart revealing the innermost core of who you really are. And once you find this there is no looking back.

Some find it very easily early in their life, some find it later like Van Gough did, but its never too late. And, trust me once you find it you realise it was worth all this effort.

I would like to share this awesome site I came across related to this thought:

The Daily Design

The site shares insightful stories about passionate people and how they found that ‘thing’. I am sure reading these stories will inspire you to follow your dream if you already have not!

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