Why you should not miss The Jungle Book!

Mainly because, Jon Favreau has recreated those beautiful and enchanting but at the same time haunting visuals of Indian jungles. This movie is simply a visual treat for viewers as each frame beautifully composed amazes and sends chills down the spine. The approach is dark, ominous, thriller with light comedy in depicting the Classic story which most of us remember as slightly comedy and musical in from the 1967 film and the television series that aired on Doordarshan.



The dark jungle scenes

Though Mowgli played by Neel Sethi is the only living thing in the film, the animals look so lifelike you simply don’t miss the living creatures. Shere Khan, with the scar on his face, Kaa, with that chilly voice, and the bear though friendly but just terrifying when he is angry, the majestic elephants who are respected and the wise Bagheera are all crafted very realistic and nowhere has the director tried to make any of the character look cute or ugly or dangerous just because they play those roles. These are real animals who live in a real jungle. Oh yes, and King Louie, with a  who is seen after a long conversation with Mowglie.


Shere Khan is a perfect villain.



The old characters of Disney were all cute but the 2016 version is more life-like.


Secondly, the Hindi version of the film finally tops up to all these efforts and the result is wonderful. Priyanka voices Kaa, the python, Irrfan – the friendly bear Baloo, Shefali Shah for Raksha, the wolf and Om Puri has for Bagheera, the wise Black Panther. Nana Patekar reminds all of us who grew in 90’s in India of the terrifying Shere Khan, which had left its mark in the old animated series.

If nothing, you should definitely watch it to relive this beautiful tale!



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